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The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed (Imam Tahawi)

The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed (Imam Tahawi)

The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed (Imam Tahawi)
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Author: Abu Jafer Ahmad Salamah al-Azadi Al-Tahewi
Publisher: Al-Attique Publications
Paperback, 252 pages
ISBN: 1894264320

The book in hand is a summary of the Faiths and the beliefs of the mainstream muslims spread all over the Globe.

Muslims scholars are unanimous in opinion that the articles of faith as formulated by Imam Tahawi in the treatise reproduced here, most accurately reflect the mind and understanding of the earliest Muslims. It is free from incorrect interpretation, over-exemplification and any distortion of the ideas promulgated by Islam. There is also a general agreement that the commentary on Tahawi’s work as done by Ibn Abi Al-Izz is an accurate elucidation of what Tahawi meant to express. Also, it strives to be very close to the texts of the Qur’an and the prophetic saying, and without over-stretching the meaning, attempts to project the opinion of the great majority of the scholars in matters pertaining to Islamic creed.
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