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The Friday Prayer Part 3: Khutbahs 2 (Jamaal al Din Zarabozo)

The Friday Prayer Part 3: Khutbahs 2 (Jamaal al Din Zarabozo)

The Friday Prayer Part 3: Khutbahs 2 (Jamaal al Din Zarabozo)
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Author: Jamal al Din M Zarabozo
Publisher: Islamic Assembly of North American (IANA)
Paperback, 148 pages
ISBN: 188878203X

It is unfortunate that many Muslims do not feel the urgency of performing good deeds and the severity of committing sins after they attend the Friday Khutbah. The hearts are not filled with the love of Allah, or His fear or mercy. This is unlike the Companions of our beloved Prophet (may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) whose hearts were filled with the love and fear of Allah after they heard the Messenger of Allah deliver a khutbah!

Furthermore, enough care is not taken sometimes in quoting the words of the Prophet (pbuh). Weak and even fabricated narrations are at times used in the khutbahs!

This book is meant to help the Imams in delivering the khutbah. It ia slo meant to remind Muslims of their relationship to their creator and their obligations towards Allah (swt) and their fellow Muslims. It will, insha'Allah, stir them to draw slose to their sustainer by performing acts of obedience and repenting from acts of disobedience. Moreover, extra care has been taken to use only the authentic narrations of the Prophet (pbuh).

The author writes in the end of his work : "It is my hope and desire that we all become better Muslims
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