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The Book of Revenue (Kitab al-Amwal)

The Book of Revenue (Kitab al-Amwal)

The Book of Revenue (Kitab al-Amwal)
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Author: Abu Ubayd al-Qasim ibn Sallam
Translator: Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee
Paperback, 608 pages
Publisher: Garnet Publishing
ISBN: 9781859641590

Kitab al-Amwal (The Book of Revenue) is the work of a brilliant legal mind. Abu Ubayd al-Qasim ibn Sallam provides us with an accurate record of legal precedents laid down in the first two centuries of Islam, in particular those pertaining to the sources of revenue and the avenues of public expenditure. The power of the book, however, lies in the method of the author and the analysis undertaken by him. He gathers together the traditions of the Prophet (pbuh), the opinions of his Companions and the views of eminent jurists, and then subjects them to legal analysis that is unparalleled in Islamic legal literature.

The book is essential for every student of Islamic law, especially those who wish to master the art of interpreting and analyzing legal traditions and early precedents. In the discipline known as fiqh al-sunnah, there is no book or manual that can compete with this outstanding work. The present translation includes a translation of the notes by Muhammad Khalil Harras.

About the translator:
The translator Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee teaches Islamic law and law at the Faculty of Shari’a and Law, at the International Islamic University, Islamabad. He is also editor of the Islamabad Law Review. Nyazee is the author of a number of books on Islamic law including Theories of Islamic Law and Islamic Jurisprudence as well as the two-volume work Islamic Law of Business Organization dealing with partnerships and corporations. He has translated Ibn Rushd’s well-known work Bidayat al-Mujtahid (The Distinguished Jurist’s Primer) for the Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization.
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