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Principles of Deen

Principles of Deen

Principles of Deen
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Author: Dr Mufti Abdul Wahid
Translator: Mufti Afzal Hussain Ilyas.
Publisher: Zamzam Publishers
Hardback, 224 pages

A book for serious students, who need an overview of the principles of many of the Islamic sciences including the following:

Discussions on Wahy [revelation], The principles of Tafsir [Qur’an exegesis], the principles of Hadith, Ijma al-umma [Consensus of the Umma] Qiyas [Analogy], Ilm al-Fiqh [Jurisprudence] and its laws, Ijtihad, Taqlid, Sunna & Bid‘a, and Iman & Kufr.
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