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A Comprehensive list of Halal Food Products in U.S. and Canadian Supermarkets (7th Edition)

A Comprehensive list of Halal Food Products in U.S. and Canadian Supermarkets (7th Edition)

A Comprehensive list of Halal Food Products in U.S. and Canadian Supermarkets (7th Edition)
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Author: Syed Rasheeduddin Ahmed
Publisher: Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products 7th Edition
Paperback, 377 pages
ISBN: 096799023

Muslims all over the world are required to follow Islamic dietary laws and practices. In the United States many food products are made from Haram sources like pork and pork by-products. The best example is bread. The label indicates that it is made with 100% vegetable shortening but it contains dough conditioners such as Sodium Steoryl Lactylate, Mono and Diglycerides, which may have been derived from pork fat. Even vegetable side dishes in restaurants are made with ham. For example, only corn and carrot side dishes at Cracker Barrel are not made from ham. Any Muslim in the United States is faced with this dilemma in day-to-day living. Muslims, especially the younger generation, must be educated in order to avoid eating a food product containing Haram ingredients. Thousands of food products were examined in twenty-four supermarkets in different regions of the country so that Muslims could take advantage of Halal private-labeled brands in those regions.

The 7th edition was research in July 2005 for the sole benefit of Muslim communities in US and Canada. This revised edition includes 33 supermarkets from coast to coast in United States and 6 supermarkets in Canada.

Alhaumdulillah this is the first book which provides the Halal status of local supermarket brands in Canada.

This edition covers supermarkets in Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Chattanooga, Detroit, Dallas, Orlando, Houston, Los Angles, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia area, San Francisco, St. Louis, Toronto and Washington, DC.

About the publisher:
The Muslim Consumer Group for Food Products is a non-profit and non-political organization, incorporated in 1993 as a Halal foods educational and Halal certification organization for Muslims consumers and food industry. Muslim consumers worldwide in 90 countries logged in to our web site for information on Halal food products and food ingredients. We also publish Halal food book "A Comprehensive List of Halal food products in US supermarkets" for US Muslim consumers. We educate food industry about requirements for Halal foods through publication in professional food magazine. We are the only Halal certifying organization whose Halal certification is acceptable to every Muslim consumer because it is based on strict Islamic dietary requirements and food science. Our Halal symbol H in triangle appears on many food products and food ingredients. We follow the Islamic dietary requirements of no added ethyl alcohol to food products such as in natural and artificial flavors, vanilla extract and alcohol containing products such as naturally brewed soy sauce. We bring complex food processing knowledge to Muslims and its impact on Islamic dietary requirements. Our main purpose is to help Muslims to bring only Halal food products to their homes and Masajid.
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