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The Light of Guidance, Fundamentals of Faith 101, 16 Audio CDs (Yasir Qadhi)

The Light of Guidance, Fundamentals of Faith 101, 16 Audio CDs (Yasir Qadhi)

The Light of Guidance, Fundamentals of Faith 101, 16 Audio CDs (Yasir Qadhi)
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Speaker: Yasir Qadhi
Publisher: Eman Rush
16 Audio CDs

Before a student of knowledge masters the complexities of Arabic grammar, the intricacies of fiqh, or the details of hadeeth criticism, he or she must have firm knowledge and belief in the fundamentals of our deen. Our 'aqeedah is the pillar by which our deen stands firm, the fertile land from which all of our actions blossom, and it is the foundation from which all other Islamic sciences grow.

'Aqeedah is linguistically derived from the term 'aqadah' - a verb which means "to hold fast to" or "to establish". According to our scholars, 'aqeedah is the firm creed and beliefs that one's heart is fixed upon without any wavering or doubt. Are we certain about these beliefs to which our hearts should be tied? How well do we know the fundamental tenets of Islam, relating to our eman in Allah (swt), in the prophets, the books, the angels, the Last day and Qadr [fate]?

Topics to be Covered in this Seminar:
* Definition, Importance and Categories of Tawheed
* Tawheed in Allah's Lordship (Ruboobiyyah): reality and definition
* Western Proofs for the Existence of God (Ontological, Cosmological, Kalam, etc.)
* Atheism (arguments; refutation)
* Allah's Right to Be Worshipped (Uloohiyyah)
* Manifestations of Worship (Du'a, Sajdah, Tawwakul, Sabr, etc...)
* Deviations in Worship (Talismans, Magic, Astrology, etc...)
* Other concepts (Tabarruk; Tawassul; Shafa'aah; etc...)
* Shirk: definition; history; dangers; categories; causes

"These seminars are really the sweetness of my life."
- An AlMaghrib Student

"This is the first time in my life I gave the highest mark (on the evaluation form) without thinking twice or without lying or trying to make my trainer happy. This is the best Islamic seminar I've ever been to! And the best instructor that I've ever come across, hands down!"
- AlMaghrib Student

Now the question is: What will you unbelievably be missing if you don't listen?
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