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Foundations of the Deen (5 CDs)

Foundations of the Deen (5 CDs)

Foundations of the Deen (5 CDs)
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Speaker: Imam Zaid Shakir and Abdullah Ali
Publisher: Zaytuna Institute
5 CD set, 234 minutes

In this series of four lectures, Imam Zaid and Ustadh Abdullah focus on the foundational Muslim teachings by examining the core concepts of Islam, Iman, and Ihsan and linking these fundamentals with their noble and lofty objectives. Recorded at a 2006 Zaytuna Minara program in Brooklyn, N.Y., this series provides, in a practical fashion, essential Islamic knowledge and includes an extensive question and answer session.

Disc 1
Session One: Abdullah Ali
In this opening session Ustadh Abdullah introduces the program topic, sets the tone, and walks the listener through the “five pillars” of Muslim practice. An enlightening examination of the shahadah (testimony of faith), salah (prayer), zakat (almsgiving), saum (fasting), and hajj (pilgrimage), this session covers the reasoning and deeper meaning behind these five essential sacred practices.

Disc 2 & 3
Session Two: Zaid Shakir
Imam Zaid provides an overview of the fundamental aspects of iman (faith), drawing from the Hadith of Gabriel, Qur’anic references, and other traditional sources. Highlighting practical examples of faith in action, Imam Zaid discusses understanding the divine decree, how to truly affirm one’s faith, and establishing and building upon a strong, sincere foundation of faith.

Disc 4
Session Three: Abdullah Ali
In this session Ustadh Abdullah describes the essential meanings of ihsan as the spiritual and beautifying element of the Muslim religion. With an emphasis on the importance of making outward worship inwardly sincere, the session discusses the three Qur’anic categories of people, the “seven limbs” that the believer protects, sincere repentance, and the primary spiritual diseases to avoid.

Disc 5
Session Four: Zaid Shakir & Abdullah Ali
In this extensive question and answer session, Imam Zaid and Ustadh Abdullah address over twenty questions covering a wide-range of issues. From gender issues in Islam, to challenges in the workplace and family life, to how Muslims can apply these noble teachings in the cultural context that we live, this lively session provides informative answers to many common Muslim questions and concerns.
Recorded at Masjid at-Taqwa, Brooklyn, N.Y., March, 2007

About the Speakers:
Imam Zaid Shakir is amongst the most respected and influential Islamic scholars in the West. A graduate of Syria's pretigious Abu Noor University, he has studied with renowned scholars in Syria, Egypt, and Morroco. He has translated and published several traditional texts and lectures frequently at conferences and workshops around North America. He is currently a scholar-in-residence at Zaytuna Institute.

Ustadh Abdullah Bin Hamid Ali is the only American to attend and graduate from the University of Al-Qarawiyyin's Faculty of Shari'ah in Fez, Morocco. Abdullah has also studied traditionally with some of the top scholars of Morocco and other notable scholars in North America. He works as a chaplain in the Pennsylvania prison system, has participated and conducted many seminars, lectures, and classes at mosques and universities in the Philadelphia and EastCoast region, and translated several traditional Islamic texts
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