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Pearls of Purity: Legal and Spiritual Dimensions of Purification (6 CDs)

Pearls of Purity: Legal and Spiritual Dimensions of Purification (6 CDs)

Pearls of Purity: Legal and Spiritual Dimensions of Purification (6 CDs)
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Speaker: Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar
Publisher: Faqir Publications
6 CD set, 460 minutes

Pearls of Purity is a 6-CD set consisting of a series of lessons by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar addressing the legal rulings (fiqh) of ritual purification (taharah), according to the Hanafi school of law (madhhab). The lessons take a comprehensive look at the physical and spiritual aspects of purification, including discussions on ablution (wudu), ritual bathing (ghusl), menstrual impurity (hayd), water, purity in food, and other related topics. Recorded at the Islamic Center of Chicago during the last ten days of Ramadan 1423 A.H., this set draws on the Quran and Sunnah to go beyond the legal rulings of taharah and offers an in-depth commentary invaluable to any person seeking traditional knowledge.

Track Listing:
- Major Types of Acts
- Introducing Taharah
- Types of Taharah
- Purification of Impurities
- Understanding Water
- Rules of Used Water
- Water and Wudu'
- Benefits of Wudu' - Part 1

CD 2
- Benefits of Wudu' - Part 2
- Understanding Fiqh Terms
- Following a Methodology
- Practical Meaning of Fiqh Terms
- Mandatory Acts of Wudu'
- Sunan of Wudu' - Part 1

CD 3
- Sunan of Wudu' - Part 2
- Etiquettes of Wudu' - Part 1
- Etiquettes of Wudu' - Part 2
- Disliked Acts During Wudu'
- Performing a Complete Wudu' - Part 1

CD 4
- Performing a Complete Wudu'
- Responsibilities of Wudu'
- Categories of Wudu'
- Breakers of Wudu'
- Questions and Answers
- Basis for Wiping Over Leather Socks
- Fiqh of Leather Socks
- Mandatory Acts of Ghusl

CD 5
- Additional Points Concerning Ghusl
- Tayammum
- Hayd, Nifas, and Istihadah
- Istihadah and the Excused Person
- Types of Impurities and Their Purification
- Purification After Using the Washroom - Part 1

CD 6
- Purification After Using the Washroom - Part 2
- Preparing for Salah
- Questions and Answers
- Purity of Food - Part 1
- Purity of Food - Part 2
- Halal Food
- Tayyib Food
- Bonus Track: The Dua of Laylatul Qadr
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