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The Sweetness of Ramadan

The Sweetness of Ramadan

The Sweetness of Ramadan
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Speaker: Imam Suhaib Webb (with special guest Imam Patrick Robertson); Omair Ali (host)
Publisher: MeccaOne Media
Audio CD, 60 minutes

Are you ready for Ramadan? With Ramadan right around the corner, what have you prepared for it? We hope and pray that Allah(swt) grant us many more Ramadans, but what if this was your LAST Ramadan?

Opportunities in today's times are few, thus what an opportunity we've been blessed with to see this month. Therefore, let us reflect upon the main objective of this month, "so you will attain piety." Thus, in order to taste the sweetness of this month, please reflect on this advice.

About the publisher --
Introducing MeccaOne -- An Independent Media organization designed to build, educate, invite, & enlighten all walks of life to the truths of Islam through radio, web, print, & broadcast media.

Calling people towards the Way of Allah is an integral part of a Muslim’s life. Allah (swt) says in his Book, "Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining al-ma`roof (good) and forbidding al-Munkar (evil). And it is they who are successful." [al-Qur'aan, Aal `Imraan (3):104]

Tune into the only Islamic talk show featuring live interviews, lectures by renowned scholars, public service announcements, a calendar of events, call-ins, Quran recitation, events news, spoken word poetry, live athan and more.

MeccaOne Radio currently airs every Thursday between 5-6pm on 90.5FM KSJS and reaches 22,000 weekly Muslim and non-Muslim listeners. MeccaOne Radio also airs live world-wide over the internet. (Quicktime plugin required)

MeccaOne Media is a non profit, tax exempt chartible organization under the IRS revenue code 501(c)(3).
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